About Atlantic City Arts Commission

Vibrant City, Diverse Culture

Atlantic City Artist Kelley Prevard


The Atlantic City Arts Commission is an advisory body serving Atlantic City. The volunteer Commission board members are appointed by City Council to represent each Ward in the city. The Commission provides expertise and guidance to support decision-making by the Mayor, City Council, Planning Board and Zoning Board. Working with city and community leaders, it pursues a mission to preserve, interpret and disseminate the artistic resources and intellectual culture of Atlantic City, with initiatives including:
• Making recommendations on public projects requiring administrative approval
• Providing expertise on the general external aesthetic environment of the city including parks, public buildings and landscapes
• Advising city leaders on visual fine arts and proposed art acquisitions
• Curating and preserving city-owned art and managing removals, relocations or alterations
• Cultivating a coalition representing all artistic disciplines serving Atlantic City, including public arts, visual fine arts and the performing arts

Atlantic City Boardwalk Art Show 2016
Atlantic City Boardwalk Art Show 2016
Atlantic City Boardwalk Art Show 2015